Access Control Systems

Previous access control systems were based solely on locks, keys and personnel. These proved inadequate, as keys are easy to duplicate, locks are expensive to re-key when a key is lost and personnel were unreliable. Lock and key cannot identify who went in and when. The downfall of these systems and the emerging need for greater security and accountability led to the implementation of Electronic Access Management systems.

Good security starts with access control. Access control is the method of administering the passage of persons, vehicles or materials through entrances and exits of a building or protected area through an electronic based secure control system.

At Vanguard Engineering Ltd, we offer and provide all forms of pedestrian and vehicle, standalone or enterprise class, LAN/WAN/GAN access control systems.
which enable immediate response to incidents,reduction of security costs,reduced insurance costs,improved accountability and better overall facility management.
Our access control solutions include the following:

Control Panels, Control Centers, and Keypads

A range of integrated intrusion solutions that includes everything from small applications to big projects with the highest security standards

Premises Wireless

A range of wireless devices that integrates with our control panels to provide secure, scalable solutions for any application.

Accessories for Control Panels and Keypads

A range of accessories which complements the control panel offer for giving you all products for a comprehensive security solution


Our portfolio includes various remote programming softwares which offers a user-friendly interface between PCs and our panels

Detectors and Accessories

Our detector range covers multiple applications and deliver excellent catch performance together with false alarm immunity