Key Services

Mechanical Services

Our Plumbing and Drainage Solutions include systems such as:- Galvanized mild steel System Stainless Steel-Piping System CPVC/uPVC Piping System HDPE...

Security Systems

Previous access control systems were based solely on locks, keys and personnel. These proved inadequate, as keys are easy to...

Defense Systems

At Vanguard Engineering Ltd we are very confident that we will become your preferred choice for automatic physical security products...

Air Conditioning & Ventilation

We provide Residential air conditioning solutions to include: Hi wall Air conditioning system Under ceiling Air conditioning system Ducting Central...

Water Storage Systems

Our systems include:- Brathwaite steel Sectional Storage Tanks GRP Sectional Sections Storage Tanks Rotary Moulded Storage Tanks Water Pumping Stations...

LP & Medical Gas Systems

We offer an assortment of gas solutions for your commercial and industrial use. These solutions include, gas appliance installations, gas connections, gas...

Why choose Vanguard Engineering Limited?


Vanguard Engineering Limited was founded in the year 2006.Over the years we have built a name as a premier provider of integrated mechanical,security and defense solutions, and thus becoming one of the most sought after contractors in these domains.This growth has come about by distinguishing ourselves from other industry players,through embracing modern technology and strategic partnerships with key international organizations to amplify all our services and provide integrated solutions to our clientele.

Our service and product offerings include:Mechanical engineering services,Security and Defense system Solutions.Our core markets are commercial,industrial and institutional facilities.

Our team comprises highly regarded individuals in areas of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering ,Mechatronics as well as Security systems integration. We collectively share an extreme commitment to advancing the cause for provision of highly efficient, economically and environmentally sustainable solutions.At Vanguard,we are dedicated to continually school ourselves in the latest technologies in order to deliver value to our clients while caring for our employees,stakeholders and the environment.

We are here to revolutionize the building industry.

” This is to confirm that Vanguard Engineering Limited successfully completed the mechanical installations of proposed research institute office complex for the department of occupational safety and health services phase IV – Nairobi – LPG Gas. “

Ministry of Labour Ministry of Labour @

” This is to confirm that Vanguard Engineering Limited successfully completed the proposed supply, installation, testing and commissioning of gas installation at Kenya Management Institute (KEMI) Nairobi. “

Kenya Education Management Institute KEMI @

We confirm that Vanguard Engineering Ltd has been offering us general electrical installations, plumbing repairs and maintenance services for the last 4 years. They have offered their services mainly to our client Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd during the said period. We would recommend them for similar works in your organization.

NW Realite Ltd Head Office @